WATCH: Is it okay to eat fat or not? What does the Bible say?

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Is fat good or bad for our health?

Down the century, we have heard differing answers from so-called experts.

Some claim that all fats are bad and we should have a low-fat diet to attain optimum health.

Others argue that fats are healthy and they are a rich source of energy.

In searching for the right answer, who should you listen to? Are we left in just choosing who we should believe and hope for the best?

Thankfully, we can go to the Master Creator who designed our human body.

In this video, learn the little-known and shocking truth about eating fat.

Through this video, you will learn:

  • Why God does not forbid eating all types of fat
  • What type of fat we should avoid
  • Explanation of the most misunderstood Bible verses about fat

Don’t miss this chance to know how to become healthier — because that’s what God wants us to be. 🙂

The Shocking Biblical Truth About Eating

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