Did James and Paul Contradict about faith and works?

Martin Luther, the man who was mainly known as the catalyst of Protestant Reformation in the 1500s, called the Epistle of James the Epistle of Straw.

Because he found it hard to reconcile the teaching of Paul and James, he deemed that James’ writing was inferior to the writings of Paul.

A lot of Christians share the same sentiment.

Thus, it is not a big surprise why James’ writing is put almost at the end of the New Testament even though James was known to be one of the leaders of the Jerusalem church.

What is the reason that James’ writing was ridiculed by some people? It is because of His teaching about faith and works.

People readily receive Paul’s teaching because they wrongly believe that Paul supports the abolition of God’s law. On the other hand, James was thought to teach that we still need to follow the law.

So, between Paul and James, because of the natural tendency of people not to submit to God’s law, they would rather choose Paul.

Therefore, we need to ask the question, are we saved by faith or by works? Did Paul and James contradict each other?

This is a vital subject to discuss because if there is a contradiction here, Christianity will fall apart. 

Join us now as we take a deeper look into this subject and find out the truth.

Read, “Saved by Faith or Works? Did James and Paul Contradict?

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