What does Romans 10:4 mean when it says, “Christ is the end of the law?”

Do you know what Romans 10:4 really means?

Because of the great misunderstanding of this verse, a lot of Christians missed its real meaning.

Join us now as we discover what it means for Christ to be the end of the law.

Read, “What does Romans 10:4 mean when it says, “Christ is the end of the law?


9 thoughts on “What does Romans 10:4 mean when it says, “Christ is the end of the law?”

  1. Josh, you make excellent points in your video. When scholars interpret the Greek word τέλος in Romans 10:4 as pointing to the end of the law, they miss Paul’s point. A better rendering would be the consummation of the law. For Jesus makes it clear, “For I did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it (Matt. 5:17).”

    I currently attend a messianic synagogue on shabbat, but I also go to an evangelical church on Sundays. I think it’s crucial for messianic Jews today to explain to our Christian friends why keeping the Sabbath, dietary laws, and high holy days are honoring to the Lord. We do not obey the law to be saved. Rather, because we are saved by grace, we obey the law.

    I will be praying for your new book, “The New Covenant.” and currently reading the first chapter: “What are the covenants in The Bible?” May the Lord continue to bless your ministry!


    • HI Chaddamitz!

      Thanks for your additional insight on Romans 10:4.

      I see. I’m glad that you also seek the truth. Sadly, the Christian world today is blinded. Only a few know about the need for us to keep God’s law as a sign of our love to Him.

      I hope the book would help. I’m not a native speaker. So, if you find any grammatical error, please feel free to let me now. 🙂

      May Yahweh bless you too!

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      • Hey Joshua, you are a great writer. The Lord has blessed you to communicate the gospel to the world. May you continue using your gifts for the glory of God. Blessings!


      • Hi Chad!

        Thank you! Although, still working on my grammar. 😀 I’m not a native speaker and so, there are times I don’t get some sentences right. But still, I’m glad Yahweh can use me to further His work. 🙂

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  2. Hello Josh,

    Thanks for your article on this subject.

    You answer is biblical and correct!

    This truth is needed to enlighten deceived minds.



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