WATCH: How Bitcoin is fulfilling Bible Prophecy

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have taken the financial world by storm. At the time of this writing, one bitcoin is valued at over $40,000!

Now, it’s difficult to predict whether the value of bitcoin would still go up or it will suddenly go down.

[Jump ahead to check our featured video about Bitcoin and the Bible.]

However, I’m not here to tell you whether you should invest in bitcoin or not. I’m also not here to analyze the market and see where things are going from this point on.

I’m here to discuss with you something that is MORE important than any issues regarding bitcoin.

I have created a video presentation to help you better understand how bitcoin is fulfilling Bible prophecy. In this 12-minute video, let us go through the Bible and see what it says about bitcoin…

  • whether it will lead to the beast power spoken in the book of Revelation
  • whether it will be used by the beast power to control people
  • whether it will destroy those who invest in it.

This is an interesting and amazing topic that holds a significant meaning of what the future holds.

So, if this interests you, please watch how bitcoin is fulfilling Bible prophecy.

How Bitcoin is fulfilling bible prophecy

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