This is How You can Overcome Anger

Uncontrolled anger can be fatal and destructive. It will not only slowly poison your heart, but it can lead to a lot of sin.

As Christians, how can we make sure that our anger does not lead to sin? How can we overcome unrighteous anger? Most importantly, what does the Bible tell us about anger?

I have recently written a blog to address these questions. I highly recommend you read, “3 Biblical Ways on How to Overcome Anger.” In this post, you will learn how to effectively control your anger to ensure you don’t sin when you experience this common emotion.

Please click here to read the full blog.

2 thoughts on “This is How You can Overcome Anger

  1. Kung minsan ang asawang mainit ang ulo ay kapaki-pakinabang: hindi na kailangan ang heater sa bahay (malaking gastos kasi ang kuryente….).
    Seriously, yes, the fruitage of the spirit is….peace (among all other things) and true Christians have to strive to put on the new personality.


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