Can dead people talk to the living? Here’s What the Bible Say!

A lot of people believe that once a person dies, that person’s soul will roam around on the earth.

As a result, these dead people could still talk to the living and even make their presence felt.

However, is that what the Bible says?

In this video, discover the shocking truth about death and why dead people can’t talk to the living anymore!

Watch the video here.
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4 thoughts on “Can dead people talk to the living? Here’s What the Bible Say!

  1. That’s 100% correct: the Bible clearly shows that the dead are not conscious at all and that there is neither heaven nor hell.
    If there was heaven Jesus wouldn’t have resurrected Lazarus nor did Lazarus report anything about an after life.
    These truths are worth sharing and I think a great way to do that is from door to door which is what I have been doing for about 30 years

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