Discover the meaning of Psalm 91 with this powerful book

Hello there!

One of the most popular and powerful chapters in the book of Psalms is Psalm 91.

However, do you know what it really means?

Do you know to whom it is applicable to? How do you enjoy the promises given us in Psalm 91? Most importantly, how can you better understand this important chapter and relate it to your daily life?

The answers are found in Peggy Joyce Ruth’s book, Psalm 91: God’s Umbrella of Protection.

If you want to read my book review of this book, please read my blog, “Why You Should Read Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth.”

Aside from knowing more about the book, you’ll also read my key takeaways and favorite quotes.

So, give it a try.

Click here to read the full blog.

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Regards and may the Almighty blesses you.



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