Why doesn’t God Stop the Coronavirus Disease?

If God is all powerful, loving, and merciful, why doesn’t He stop the coronavirus disease? Here are 5 reasons why.

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At the time of this writing, there are now more than a million confirmed cases of coronavirus disease or COVID-19. 

As the world struggles to contain this pandemic, billions of people are suffering directly and indirectly. 

People are not just getting sick, but the economy has stagnated, ensuring that the effect of this pandemic will stay with us for a longer period of time.

In the midst of this pandemic crisis, a lot of people have asked, “Why doesn’t God stop the coronavirus disease?”

It’s a valid question.

After all, if God is a loving and caring Father who has full control of the universe and possesses great power, why does He seem not to intervene?

Both believers and non-believers have wondered.

Why does God allow pandemics to happen such as the coronavirus disease?

Sadly, a lot of people are getting the wrong answer because they are looking for it in the wrong place. 

As a result, people become hopeless, faithless, and worst of all, godless.

That’s why in this blog, let me share with you the reasons why God doesn’t stop the coronavirus disease.

God has given us free will

A lot of people have always asked when bad things happen to them or others, “Why does God allow suffering?”

However, have you ever thought what if God would not allow suffering?

Let me tell you, the first thing He needs to do is take away our free will — our ability to make our own choices.

As you may already know, the coronavirus disease started in Wuhan, China.

It started in a seafood market where live exotic animals are sold as food.

In that market, you will see bats, snakes, wolves, pangolins, cats, dogs, and other animals.

They don’t sell these animals to become pets, but for human consumption.

In the infinite wisdom and love of God, He gave us the food laws found in Leviticus 11.

But what did we do as humans?

We ignored that law.

The majority of Christians would eat pigs, lobsters, crabs, shrimps, blood, and other unclean meat — meat that God clearly prohibits in the Bible.

Yet, the same Christians would tell you that they are obsolete and we are free to eat anything we want.

Now, tell that to the people in Wuhan who eat bats and snakes where the coronavirus disease came from.

When you break God’s law, you will break yourself.

That’s exactly what happened in this pandemic.

God could actually stop this disease, but that would also mean that He needs to prevent the people in Wuhan from eating what they want.

And when God does that, what will happen?

God would be stepping into the free will of these people.

God doesn’t want us to be like robots.

He wants us to do the right thing because we want to.

God wants us to develop godly character

More than anything else, God wants us to develop godly character.

Not known to many, God is preparing us to become kings and priests in His coming Kingdom (Revelation 1:6).

This life and this world is our training ground.

The ultimate goal of this life is not to get rich and live comfortably.

While that may happen as part of God’s blessing, it shouldn’t be our goal.

Our goal is to become ready for God’s kingdom.

How are we going to do that if all things are just smooth sailing?

How can we test our faith if we don’t go through the fire, tribulation, and difficulties in life?

The Apostle Peter talked about this in I Peter 1:6-7:

In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials, that the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Acts 14:22 even tells us that we must through MANY tribulations enter the kingdom of God.

The coronavirus pandemic has been unpredictable.

For many, it has caught them unaware.

It surely made life difficult for a lot of people.

However, these trials that we are now experiencing also help us strengthen our faith.

God wants us to trust Him

In the face of the coronavirus, we, humans, seem to be helpless.

However, we can always turn to God and ask for His help.

Whether you like it or not, we are closer to God during tough times.

In fact, I read an article saying that people became more prayerful because of the coronavirus disease!

Sometimes, it takes a trial and problem to remind us about God.

When all things are well, we can quickly ignore God and forget about Him.

But with tribulation, we recognize how helpless we are and that our only TRUE Source of strength is the Almighty.

God wants us to learn our lessons

In most cases, the problems we encounter are the same problems we have brought to ourselves.

For example, in Italy, do you know why they have high mortality rates?

It is because a lot of old folks there are smoking.

Moreover, those people who are dying of the coronavirus are already suffering from pre-existing conditions.

These conditions are caused by unhealthy lifestyles.

Now, I’m not saying all of them are to be blamed for getting infected by the virus and dying from it.

Far from it.

What I’m saying is that if we are to be honest with ourselves, we can see that more often than not, it is also our fault why we get sick because we fail to take care of our bodies.

We eat unhealthy food.

We don’t get enough rest and sleep.

We have harmful vices.

We don’t exercise.

Diseases remind us that we are mortal and we should take care of ourselves if we want to be healthy.

While pandemics are truly problematic, it has also brought about good things too.

No doubt, even if God chooses not to intervene and stop the virus, He can use the bad things to produce good things.

Because of the lockdown and quarantine, people are forced to stay in their homes.

As a result, more parents now are spending more time with their kids.

They are now having meals together.

Because of the extra time people have, they can now catch up with their hobbies.

People have more time praying and studying the Bible.

Since economic activities have come to a halt, we are seeing cleaner air, sea, and rivers.

Most importantly, people are seeing what matters most in life.

Before, people are too busy working, but now, they could see that it is possible to live life simply — to just have our basic needs met.

No doubt; this pandemic has been a learning experience for many of us.

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God wants us to yearn for His Kingdom

In the Model Prayer that Yahshua or Jesus Christ shared with us, He said an important aspect that should always be part of our prayers. 

He said in Matthew 6:10:

“Your Kingdom come.”

You see, because of sin, this world was subjected to futility (Romans 8:20).

When Adam and Eve sinned, it didn’t only bring mortality in humans, but also the negative consequences in this world.

We don’t only have pandemics, but we have earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, typhoons, and everything that has killed millions of people.

All these natural calamities, along with the man-made problems, are all reminders for us that this isn’t home yet.

It allows us to pray earnestly for God’s kingdom to be established here on earth.

Man has shown, throughout thousands of years, that we are incapable of ruling ourselves.

We have utterly failed.

If we are going to solve our problems, we have to look for the hope of the coming Kingdom of God.

It is the only solution to mankind’s dilemma.

When we experience pandemics such as the coronavirus disease, we groan within ourselves and this groaning should help us appreciate God’s Kingdom more and look forward to it.

Strengthen yourself in God

Pandemics are no joke.

They can dramatically change our lives.

In times like this, we only need to look to God for comfort, healing, and protection.

Yes, God can stop the pandemic and He will do it according to His will and purpose.

However, in most cases, we don’t see the whole picture.

We don’t think like God.

He perfectly knows what’s best for us.

In the grand scheme of everything, He can see the beginning and the end.

Thus, we simply have to trust God, knowing that our lives are in His hands.

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2 thoughts on “Why doesn’t God Stop the Coronavirus Disease?

  1. That was a great post!

    God wasn’t surprised by this Covid 19 thing. Long before we knew anything about it, he chose to allow it. He gave it permission to do it’s thing. That’s the only conclusion I’m sure of. If God is Sovereign, then He’s allowed this to take life and destroy economies.

    That doesn’t surprise me. Almost every plague in the Bible was sent by God himself or used by Him for his purposes.

    What does surprise me is that very few Church leaders are connecting those dots. We don’t know why God has allowed this virus. But the severity of what is happening globally should cause us to humble ourselves and pray. The leaders of the Christian church should be issuing that call. Where are they in this?


    • Hi Jim!

      Thanks for your comment. II Chronicles 7:13-14 should be read by church leaders and members alike. What we really need now if to humble ourselves and pray to God. However, I would want church members to start standing on their feet if their human leaders fail them. We need to ultimately look to the Head of the Church which is Christ.


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