What is better, paying tithes or giving to those in need?

Should you give to those in need and not pay tithe anymore? Or should you tithe instead and ignore the needy? In this post, let us consider this dilemma and see what the Bible says.


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God commanded both giving tithes and giving to those in need.

So, it’s not really a question of which one is better or which one you should do and not do.

However, it is worth noting that paying tithes can actually be considered giving to those in need.

While it is true that the main purposes of tithes are to support the ministry of the Church and do the work of God, tithes can also be lawfully used to support those in need as long as it is part of God’s work and ministry.

So, technically speaking, if you are paying tithes, then you are also giving to those in need.

It is worth noting that there are actually three types of tithes mentioned in the Bible.

The first is used to do the work of God.

The second is used to keep the Feasts of God.

The third is used to support the needy and poor.

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Not all people know about this, but they only stop in the first type of tithe.

However, in the Bible we clearly see this being spoken of:

“At the end of every third year you shall bring out the tithe of your produce of that year and store it up within your gates” (Deuteronomy 14:28).

So, there’s a special tithe that should be given every third year.

And what is its purpose?

When you have finished laying aside all the tithe of your increase in the third year—the year of tithing—and have GIVEN it to the Levite, the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, so that they may eat within your gates and be filled, then you shall say before the LORD your God: ‘I have removed the holy tithe from my house, and also have given them to the Levite, the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, according to all Your commandments which You have commanded me; I have not transgressed Your commandments, nor have I forgotten them (Deuteronomy 26:12-13).

So, you see, God has already the poor in mind.

He has set aside the law, the tithing principle, to cover those people who are in need.

He has long go ordained that a certain portion of our income should be given to the poor.

I know some people would consider tithing as an obsolete commandment and that we are not commanded to do it in the New Testament.

Sadly, this is a false assumption. I know this can be controversial, but hear me out for a sec.

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