The Often Forgotten but Inspiring Truth About Your Real Value

Do you ever felt that you are insignificant, useless, and of no value? Thankfully, your true value isn’t based on how you feel or what people say about you. In this post, learn the awesome truth about how God places great value on you! 

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There’s an interesting article I read a long time ago. The article tried to calculate how much the human body is worth based on its chemical and elemental components.

Almost 99% of our body is made up of six elements namely oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. The other 1% include potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium.

After considering the value of all elements found in the body, the article concluded that the human body is worth only $5!

The Forgotten but Inspiring Truth About Our True Value (1)

God’s perspective versus man’s perspective

Thankfully, that’s not how God sees us. While He made us out from the dust of the ground, He made us far more valuable than anything else in this entire universe.

Now, this is the question for you, my dear readers: where do you base your value? Do you base your value to what people think about you or do you base your value to what God thinks about you?

Sadly, a lot of people today place their value on what people think about them or on the things that they have.

If you’re basing your value on how much respect you get from other people, the brand of t-shirt you are wearing, the titles that you earned through your schooling, the model of the car you drive, and the size of your house, you will ultimately feel devalued when you lose these things.

You need to stop relying on other people to give you your worth. You need to start looking to God to obtain your worth. You’re not simply just a $5 chemically formed human body.

You are actually a child of God.

You are the child of the very Supreme, Almighty, Ruler of this vast universe and you and I are given the privilege to call Him our Father.

Even if the people around you don’t see your worth, God does.

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God sees what you could become

When the Angel of the LORD came to Gideon, he declared “The LORD is with you, you mighty man of valor (Judges 6:12)!”

When the Angel told these things to Gideon, he was actually hiding from the enemies. He was threshing wheat not in the open threshing floor, but rather he was threshing wheat in the winepress. He was not a courageous man, but rather he was afraid of the Midianites.

If Gideon was truly a mighty man of valor, he should be out there on the battlefield, leading a great army to victory.

If the people around Gideon heard the declaration of the Angel, they would have been laughing. There’s nothing in Gideon that makes him a mighty man of valor.

But God sees the true value of Gideon. God doesn’t only see what he is, but rather what he can become.

God has a different standard

When God commanded Samuel to find a new king of Israel, he thought that Eliab should be the chosen one. However, God told Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For Yahweh does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Yahweh looks at the heart.”

Sometimes, the people who are closest to us are the same people who don’t see our worth. Jesse didn’t see David as a giant killer, a benevolent king, a commander of a great army.

Jesse and his family devalued David by saying he is too young, he can’t offer much, he can only take care of the sheep.

But God sees the true value of David. David might not have gotten the approval of his father and his family, but he got the approval of God and that’s something that is more than enough for David.

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How valuable you truly are

So, how much value are you in the sight of God? A quick read of Psalm 139 tells us magnificent things about God’s concern to us. This beautiful Psalm written by King David shows us that:

  • God has searched for us and therefore, knows us.
  • God knows every detail of our life.
  • God knows our thoughts, words, and actions.
  • God is always with us wherever we go.
  • God leads us.
  • God turns darkness into light.
  • God wonderfully and fearfully made us.
  • God knew us before we were even born.
  • God’s thoughts about us are precious.
  • God will protect us from danger.
  • God knows our concerns and anxieties.
  • God leads us to the everlasting life.

Can you now see how valuable you are to God?

That’s why you should NEVER ever doubt God’s love to you because you are valuable to Him.

Don’t you ever let other people determine your worth. Don’t let their words of discouragement wear you down. You’re not good enough. You’re stupid, you’re dumb, you can’t do anything right, you can’t be successful, you are not worthy, you can’t do this you can’t do that, you don’t have much to offer.

Those words don’t depreciate your value. They don’t make you any less human.

You’re valuable because you belong to God.

Isn’t it refreshing to know that you don’t need to impress other people just to feel valuable? You don’t need to own a Samsung Galaxy S10 or iPhone 8S just to be valuable? You don’t have to own a Rolls Royce or Ferrari to look impressive. You don’t have to be a child of any prominent political leaders just to be valuable.

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God knows us because He made us

The Bible tells us that it was God who formed us in our mother’s womb.

Our maker is no other than God.

We are His masterpiece.

We are NOT mass-produced.

We have been carefully, individually, and intimately designed by God Himself.

We are not an accident. Don’t you realize, with billions of people today, God has caused your mother and father to come together to form you? What are the odds of having your mother and father meet? How about your father’s father and his mother’s mother? How about your ancestors? Who ordained that they come together and eventually have you today? Who ordained, out of the millions of sperm cells, a specific one would fertilize the egg cell?

You’re not an accident and God perfectly knows you, from inside out. That’s how valuable you are in God’s sight.

You’re so valuable to the point that God was willing to give up His only begotten, beloved, and precious Child just to save you from sin.

God has already made the ultimate sacrifice to prove your worth to Him. He has gone so far just to leave us hanging.

Do you even realize that friends?

Your value in action

For this reason, since you are valuable to God, how should we respond?

We must stop letting others bring us down or discourage us. We must stop worrying about what we will eat, drink, and wear. If God feeds the birds of the air or clothes the grass of the field, how much more would He take care of us, His children?

So, friends, let us stop placing our value on the things that we have or on what people think about us. We need to start seeing our value through the eyes of God. Let us stop feeling sorry for ourselves or depressed just because people don’t appreciate us. Let us stop worrying about meeting our needs because God will take care of us.

Stop chasing the things that you think will make you valuable. Instead, start chasing God, following Him, and doing His will in your life because in there, that is where you will find your true worth and value.

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