The Miraculous Keeping of God’s Feast!

God performs miracles today and one of them happened during our Feast. It is a living testimony of God’s unending love and divine providence to His people. Here’s a quick look at our experience during the Feast. Be sure to click on the video link below to watch the Festival video this year. 🙂

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Those are just some of the words I would describe the Feast of Tabernacles this year. However, words are not enough to describe the wonderful experience I had during this year’s Feast.

Let me explain.

Keeping the Feast on different dates

You see, I have been seriously keeping the Feast of Tabernacles since 2004. However, this year’s Feast is special and different. We are keeping it in late October (October 25-November 1 to be precise).

For the first time, we didn’t follow the traditional Hebrew Calendar in keeping the Feast.

The rest of the churches of God had already kept the Feast a month earlier. Only a few kept the Feast at the same time as we did.

Some people think that we are crazy and we are departing from the faith that was once delivered. Some people have doubted whether we are still part of the true Church of God or not.

Since we have humbly studied the calendar issue, we discovered that the present rabbinical or Hebrew calendar is flawed. It has a lot of errors that are too big and glaring that we can’t ignore. Eventually, we discovered the correct dates of God’s Feasts (Leviticus 23) – the same Feasts that Yahshua (Jesus Christ), His Disciples, and followers kept.

(For those who are interested in studying further this subject, please read this article, “The Shocking Corruptions in the Present Hebrew Calendar”.)

Big and serious financial problems

It’s tough to keep the Feast “alone”, different from the rest of the churches of God. I, myself, have doubted whether what we are doing is right or wrong.

But, this year’s Feast has proven to us that we are on the right track. It has confirmed the truth that we have discovered.

Why? How can I tell? I can tell because I could see that God is with us throughout the Feast!

We are formerly part of a larger corporate church group. In 2016, we decided to leave due to various reasons. So, we kept the Sabbaths and the Feasts on our own.

For the first two years, our Heavenly Father has been gracious to us. He has sustained us by providing all our needs. We have one single generous sponsor from the United States who had enabled us to keep the Feast in Eden Nature Park, Davao City.

However, when he, our sponsor, learned that we are keeping different dates for the Feasts of God, he withdrew his support to us. We understand and respect his decision.

So, we are left with no one to help us. We are not a big corporate group that has millions of dollars in the bank. In fact, the majority of us barely have enough to support ourselves during the Feast.

For this reason, we are confronted with a hard decision whether to still keep the Feast in Eden or not. We were thinking whether we should just find a cheaper place to hold the Feast.

This is where God’s miraculous intervention came in.

Imagine, a 3-star resort is willing to give us massive discounts that are just unheard of! We were offered as high as 50%-75% discount for each room we use. We were also given delicious food at a price cheaper than most fast food chains could provide!

However, we still have a problem. Even if we have tremendous discounts, a big number of the brethren can’t still afford to keep the Feast.

Since we didn’t have a major sponsor anymore, we turned to our Heavenly Father for support. We prayed fervently. We prayed day and night. We fasted. We simply surrender everything to God.

However, days and weeks had gone by, but there was no clear answer to our prayers.

Moving forward in faith

We moved by faith.

Even though we can’t see how Yah will help us, we chose to simply move forward. I imagine our small group was like climbing up a stair in the middle of a foggy day, not seeing whether there are more steps ahead or we will fall down with the next step we take.

We did our best to come up with enough money to cover our Feast expenses. We didn’t leave any stone unturned. We did what we can but to no avail. We crunched the numbers, but still, we didn’t have sufficient financial ability to keep the Feast.

Even though we didn’t have the money, we pushed through our plan. When we started our Feast, we still needed a BIG amount of money. However, we trusted in God that He will provide our needs.

Can you imagine going to the Feast without even knowing whether you will be able to pay your balance or not at the end of our convention? By using human reasoning, there’s no way we could afford to go to the Feast.

But we simply believe. We might not know how God would fulfill His promise, but we know He will.

For this reason, even though we know that we don’t have the money, I feel peace within me. I know God will not fail us. He has not failed us before and certainly, He will not fail us now!

I rested on God’s promise that He will equip us with what we need to push through.

II Corinthians 9:8 comes to mind:

“And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.”

Indeed, God was more than willing to help us do His work and His will in our lives!

God still performs miracles today

At the end of the Feast, a miracle happened! We were able to pay off all our financial obligation!

I’m not sure what happened, but it just happened! God has indeed shown us His power and might through the miracle He did before our very eyes. There’s no doubt that God will indeed help us if only we don’t limit Him.

(Be sure to read, “Are You Limiting God?” to learn more about this subject.)

We truly had a great need, but God has greater supplies. He is our Father who graciously showers blessings of joy, love, and peace to all those who are willing to do His commandments.

Eternally grateful

For this reason, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all those people who have helped us keep God’s Feast this year. God has amazingly used you to allow us to experience what it really means to walk by faith and not by sight!

No words can describe our gratitude to all of you who helped us. We are eternally grateful. Though we might not be able to reciprocate your generosity, we know that God will reward you tremendously.

After all, you can’t outgive God. As what our Messiah said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).

To give you an idea what we did during the Feast of Tabernacles and The Last Great Day, here’s a Facebook video. It shows you some of our brethren and the beautiful place we held the Feast.

Again, thank you for your financial and moral support. To our Heavenly Father be all the glory!

Until we meet again!


Here are some photos we snapped during the Feast. 🙂


Me, my wife, and Caleb our son. This photo was taken at the prayer garden of Eden.


Our group picture during The Last Great Day. Try to find me! 🙂


During one of our services. God blessed us with inspiring and amazing messages as always. 🙂


During our tour. Eden Nature Park is a huge place. You’ll need to take the trolley to explore the area. 🙂


Kids having fun during our Family Day. This was taken during a warm-up dance before we dive into our exciting games and activities.


Here’s my extended family. I’m blessed to have my whole family to be part of the Church. 


Purple is the color of the day. Sorry, Caleb wasn’t in the mood for pictures. 😛


Marang and Durian – some of the delicious tropical fruits found in our city.


This was taken during our Variety Show. They are performing one of the Filipino ethnic dances known as Tinikling. 


The people behind the beautiful choir voices. We’re blessed to enjoy the gift of music and use it to praise and worship Yahweh. 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Miraculous Keeping of God’s Feast!

  1. Hello Joshua, thanks for writing an inspiring and unbelievable article! As the Festival Coordinator, I still cannot explain how the miracle happened! When we started the Feast, and even after putting all the funds that we had, which included advance payments given ahead of time, there was still a BIG balance to our expected payables. But when the Feast ended, there was even some surplus funds! How did that happen? Since I cannot figure out exactly how, the best word to use is that it was a MIRACLE from the Most High! Truly, following our theme this year, God is “Always Faithful” to His humble but faithful followers!


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