Why Prayer and Doubt Don’t Mix Together

Do you doubt when you pray? Do you know how you can make your prayer more effective? Here’s a blog that will help you discover why you should never doubt in your prayer.

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There was a drought in the land. Crops are failing, animals are dying, and people are suffering. It has been more than a year not a single drop of rain has kissed the ground. To make things worse, the heat of the scorching sun licks everything in its path.

So, one day, the people decided to pray for the rain. They plan to gather together in the open filled and ask God’s mercy and favor to give them the rain they longed for.


Praying for the rain and doubting at the same time can sabotage your prayer life.

So the day of prayer came and the people gathered in one place. However, of all the people who went there, only one little, sweet, and innocent girl brought an umbrella.

This story illustrates the prayer life of most Christians today. So many of us have prayed to God to grant us rain, but we never thought of bringing with us our umbrella. Most often than not, we ask God for something and yet, at the back of our mind, we doubt and wonder if God would even hear our prayers.

Now, here’s the moral of the lesson: prayer and doubt don’t mix together. They are like water and oil. We can’t pray to God and doubt Him at the same time.

James (or properly translated as Jacob) gave us a strong warning against doubting. We read James 1:6:

“But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.”

We underestimate the power of God when we doubt. When we ask God for something and yet we doubt, we are limiting what God can do in our lives.

James likens a man who doubts to a wave of the sea. They are unstable and lives under the mercy of the wind. At one moment, you might be filled with faith and strong conviction, but suddenly, new worries and anxieties spring up from your heart and then doubt God.

At that very moment, you become as restless and agitated as the wave of the sea.

So, instead of doubting God in our prayer, what does James tell us? He teaches us to ask God in faith. We must have the utmost assurance and full confidence that “if we ask anything according to his will, HE HEARS US” (I John 5:14).

If we have the right attitude, spirit, and motivation, God will grant our request. However, we must also remember that we are finite in our knowledge. We can’t always be 100% sure that what we are asking would be good for us. Thus, the Apostle John added that we must always ask God’s will to be done whenever we pray.

God is more than willing to help us. We must have the unwavering confidence and faith that God will do what is right and best for us. Though the answer to our prayers might not be according to what we prayed for, we can be sure that God’s plan is greater than what we ever hoped for.

So, the next time you pray, don’t doubt. We are serving the living and most powerful Being in the entire universe. There’s nothing too hard for the Lord (Genesis 18:14). When you pray for the rain, don’t forget to bring with you your umbrella. Have the full confidence and faith in God.

So don’t doubt! Only believe. Who knows what miracle God will achieve in your life today?

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