Did Adam and Eve Repent of their Sin?

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We don’t see any clear scripture that answers this question. We don’t read that Adam and Eve repented of their sin and we also don’t read any scripture that says they didn’t.

However, we can read some passages that show us that Adam and Eve could have repented of their sins.

Initially, it is obvious that Adam and Eve did not repent. In fact, after disobeying God, they hid from God (Genesis 3:8). Instead of accepting full responsibility, Adam put the blame to Eve while Eve put the blame on the serpent (Genesis 12:13).

Did Adam and Eve repented of their sin

However, I personally believed that Adam and Eve eventually repented of their sin. Once they have seen the magnitude of the consequences of their sin, they could have felt remorse and guilt. The mere fact that they were driven out of the Garden, they could have regretted what they did.

Now, here’s where I believe lies the proof that Adam and Eve did repent. The Bible tells us that faith comes from hearing (Romans 10:17). Remember that they have a righteous son whose name was Abel (Hebrews 11:4). It would have been difficult for Abel to become righteous and faithful if he wasn’t taught by his parents.

Moreover, the fact that Abel and Cain made sacrifices means that Adam and Eve could have also continued bringing offerings and sacrifices to God.

The Bible also tells us that Adam and Eve had another son whose name is Seth and Seth begot Enosh. After the birth of Enosh, we have this recorded in the Bible:

“Then men began to call on the name of YHWH” (Genesis 4:26).

I would venture to say that Adam and Eve could be one of these men who began to call on the Eternal.

Another reason I am inclined to think that Adam and Eve repented is the fact that God is gracious, kind, and merciful. All throughout the life of Adam and Eve, God has been their Father and Provider. When Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden, God made them tunics and clothed them(Genesis 3:21).

We have also seen how God’s goodness lead to repentance. We read:

“Or do you despise the riches of His goodness, forbearance, and longsuffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance” (Romans 2:4)?

To conclude, though we don’t see a direct verse that tells us whether Adam and Eve repented or not, I personally believe that they did.

This shows us that there’s always a chance for us to repent. It tells us that God is always gracious and merciful. All we need to do is repent with all our hearts and turn away from our sinful life.

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2 thoughts on “Did Adam and Eve Repent of their Sin?

  1. I think they were both saved. Most people say that Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent, and the serpent didn’t have a leg to stand on. But did they both blame another, or were they just stating facts as they confessed their sin to God? Read it again. Adam said “and I did eat.” Eve said “and I did eat.” As soon as Adam confessed his sin to God, God turned to Eve. As soon as Eve confessed her sin to God, God turned to the serpent. After they admitted their failure to keep God’s commandment, God declares unto them the gospel – the good news about Christ (Gen. 3:15). There is hope of redemption through the gospel – not through man’s attempt to keep the law. There would be a man (“his”) sent from God (“I will put”) to rid Satan of his grip on the sinners (“enmity between thee and the woman and between thy seed and her seed”). This savior, or redeemer, would be suffering a “heel” wound in the process of landing a crushing blow to Satan (“It -the enmity- shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel”). Two more points: I think Eve was the first to believe this promise of a savior to come, and I think Adam gave evidence of his faith (Heb. 11:1) by immediately changing her name to Eve (meaning “living”). She had been born again (was alive spiritually) through her faith, and he followed shortly thereafter. Remember, God said first that the enmity would be between the devil and “the woman.” Adam saw the change in her and called her Eve because she was the mother of all living, both physically and spiritually. She did not have any children yet, but Adam believed the promise of God that she indeed would have seed. And what comes with faith? God’s grace! (Eph. 2:8-9). Was there any grace? Yes! God made coats of skins and covered them. No longer did they need to try covering themselves. God provided the covering.


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