The Destructive Sin Called Gossip

“Gossip is spread by wicked people: they stir up trouble and break up friendships” (Proverbs 18:28 GNT)

I once heard a joke about three pastors who decided to go fishing. They agreed that for them to be more efficient preachers, they need someone to preach to them. So that’s when they came to the conclusion that they should confess a sin that they really struggle with so they can pray about it.

The first pastor confessed, “The people in my church give a lot of money every week. At first, I started to steal a few bucks, but eventually, I take a big amount. I can’t stop stealing so please pray for me.”

The second pastor said, “I have slept with every woman in the church including married women.”

The third pastor was very hesitant to share his sin until he was hard pressed by the other two pastors. He finally spilled the beans. He said, “My brothers, my problem is I can’t stop gossiping, and the truth is, I can’t wait to get off this boat and tell others!”


The story may sound funny, but it teaches us something about gossiping. For most people, stealing or adultery might not be a problem to them. However, gossiping has become an ordinary and habitual sin that it doesn’t bother them anymore. We have seen how gossip has caused strife, division, and offenses within the church.

James 1:26 tells us, “Do any of you think you are religious? If you do not control your tongue, your religion is worthless and you deceive yourself” (GNB).  It is our Christian duty to control our tongue and avoid gossips. If we participate in gossips, James made it very clear that our religion is in VAIN and we are even deceiving ourselves! No doubt, gossip is a grave and serious sin that we all need to overcome.

Gossiping may sound like a little sin, but it is not. We have seen how gossip can ruin reputations and destroy relationships. We can end any gossip right now, and it can start with us. So make a stand and stop gossiping once and for all.

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