Here are 8 Reasons Jesus will NOT Win a Presidential Election

Many people consider Jesus Christ as one of the ideal leaders who have ever lived. He is the most influential figure in human history, and his impact is still with us today. As this might be the case, He is also a very controversial leader, and many think that He is nothing but a mere man who managed to create a huge following.

With all these in mind, it is interesting to ask this crucial question: could Jesus be elected president? If He is physically present among us today, will people unanimously vote for Him? Well, the surprising answer would be, NO!

In this post, let me share with you eight reasons Jesus will not win a presidential election.

Reason no. 1: Jesus will not tolerate sexual immorality

Most people don’t want anyone telling them what to do. The majority of this world’s government do not have a law against all forms of sexual immorality. Christ would create a law that punishes the sin of fornication, pornography, homosexuality, and cohabitation.

Reason no. 2: Jesus will not tolerate worldly entertainment

If we look around us, our modern entertainment is filled with violence, illicit sex, witchcraft, horror, bloodshed, and other elements of evil. Christ will control the content of books, music, movies, and television so that these forms of entertainment will conform to God’s standard of morality.

Reason no. 3: Jesus will not tolerate abortion

Most “educated” people would fight hard for their perceived rights. They deemed that they have the right over their bodies, and it is up to them whether they can have an abortion or not. Jesus will immediately abolish this modern-day child sacrifice to the god of convenience.

Reason no. 4: Jesus will not tolerate pagan holidays

This might come as a surprise to many but most of this world’s “Christian” holidays are not rooted in the Bible. In fact, they have pagan origins. These types of holidays don’t have any place in the government of Christ. After all, He calls these pagan rituals and festivals as “abomination.” These pagan holidays include Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and others.

Reason no. 5: Jesus will promote God’s festivals

Instead of pagan holidays, Jesus will advance God’s Holy Days listed in Leviticus 23. These Holy Days are the same Holy Days that the first-century Christians observed, and these will be kept even during the millennial reign of Christ.

Reason no. 6: Jesus will require all people to keep the seventh-day Sabbath

Even if you read the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, you will NOT find a single scripture that transfers the sanctity of seventh-day Sabbath on Sunday. Though the majority of Christianity are Sunday worshipers, they will be forced by Christ to observe the Sabbath day.

Reason no. 7: Christ will impose His religion to people

Today, we have the freedom of religion and others would even want to have freedom from religion. But if Christ would be president, He will install a government that is founded on Biblical principles, and these include establishing the TRUE religion.

We see a lot of religious beliefs. Even in the Christian world, we find the division of churches and their contradicting views – all claiming to have the truth. If Christ rules the land, there will only be one truth, and He will make it very clear to all His people.

Reason no. 8: Christ will ultimately change the constitution of the land

There is no single Constitution in this world that COMPLETELY and PERFECTLY embody the law of God. Jesus will not bring a new law because a perfect law already exists and that is the Law of His Father.

Humans, even with the best and purest intention, will not be able to create a law that reflects the intent and purpose of God. Christ will establish a law and constitution that are geared towards the fulfillment of human potential.

His government is not about getting rich and accumulating worldly wealth. The law of Christ will not just teach people how to live this life, but it will prepare them to become the future sons and daughters of God!

Will Jesus be a President?

By this time, the obvious answer is no. Many will be offended by Christ’s platform. Many atheists would not vote for Him. Even so-called Christians will hesitate to vote for Him because the majority of Christians today are “living under grace” and do not see the need to keep the commandments of God!

Thankfully, Jesus will rule this entire world whether we like it or not. It not through voting that He will be elected as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It will be by FORCE. Man is not designed to rule over another man. Human government will ultimately fail, and if nothing is done, we will all perish.

Before we completely annihilate the human race, Christ will finally intervene and save us from ourselves. Together with His saints, He will rule forever and ever and will install the perfect government that will bring lasting peace, prosperity, and life to this world!


One thought on “Here are 8 Reasons Jesus will NOT Win a Presidential Election

  1. Brothers and Sisters in Christ The below message was received via whatsapp from Sister Julie Wyngard in the UK! This information is very disturbing and needs to be very prayerfully considered!! May Our Lord God give you His wisdom and discernment!!!!!!!! Bernie

    Hello my dear family. Sorry to detract from the festivities. I’m sharing this with you so as the heads of your own family and members of my family, you are kept informed of important world events concerning biblical prophecy, so that you can ensure that your families are prepared and ready for the quickening. You don’t want them left behind. Prophecy will unfold and what must happy will happen. The bible says “My people perish for lack of knowledge “. Don’t be caught in the days of the anti -Christ. Rather be caught up in the “quickening” ie the rapture so you and your loved ones are spared the tribulation to come. I love you all and always praying for you. Call me if you need to pray for your family.

    Calling on Intercessions….

    Tomorrowland UNITE in South Africa



    SEND OUT A CLARION CALL TO ALL THE INTERCESSORS!!!!! If you know any intercessors in any of the other countries send out a call to them also.


    The next two weeks are going to be a critical time for intercessors to up on the wall of prayer. On the 16th, the infamous Bohemian Grove group will begin its annual meetings in California. This assembly of the global elite will be mapping out satan’s strategy for the world, to be applied in the coming year. On the 19th, there will be a full moon, when the witches, sorcerers, warlocks, and pagans around the world will be holding the Blessing Moon rituals (firing up the occult powers). Then on the 22rd, the Tomorrowland festival begins in Boom, Belgium. Also that day, Jerusalem will be holding its Gay Pride Parade through the city streets … opening the gates of rebellion, so that Tomorrowland can powerfully and legally impact Israel. Saturday the 23rd will be the most significant day for bringing life to the Luciferian plans for the globe. 7 nations will be linked with Tomorrowland’s mother festival going on in Boom. Of those 7 locations, (which will be linked in mind control, in decree, and in demonic worship, to call forth global unity, and the One World leader into power, i.e.the anti-Christ), Jerusalem is the most significant site. If satan is successful in bringing in the youth of Israel to declare a welcome to the “global unity, and to its leader”, he will receive legal access to Jerusalem, to Israel, and therefore, to his ultimate prize. This is not science fiction. This is not Hollywood hype. This is the real deal, and it WILL BE TAKING PLACE unless YHVH stops it somehow. We must be in prayer and in fasting. Considering that the final ritual (for linking the demonic world with ours) has now taken place in Switzerland (a few weeks ago) with the opening of the Gotthard tunnel, we know that something HUGE is trying to enter our world. In conjunction with these other events, CERN is hoping to open a portal to bring chaos upon the earth. The stage is set.

    The people of YHVH must not be fearful, but we must not stand back silently helpless either. We must press in and cry out to the Lord for mercy and for help in this battle. VERY FEW leaders in the Body of Messiah have heard about any of this. Most are totally ignorant, or are refusing to consider these events as real, because it’s just too fearful for them to consider it being anything more than conspiracy theory. That is what satan is counting on … the Body of Messiah staying blind and off the playing field because of doubt, ignorance, confusion, or fear. We must stand in the gap. I have put some links below for those of you, who have not yet heard about the tunnel opening. NOTE: All the key global leaders … particularly the elites from the EU were present (and some even participated in this ritual). I will also attach a document that I received from a friend recently. Some of my research on the topic of Tomorrowland was recorded in this document.

    World’s longest train tunnel dedicated with a Satanic ritual:

    Decoding the tunnel ceremony

    I would like to call on all prayer warriors we call a fast and go to Nasrec and pray on 20th July not for everybody. If you are not into warfare please refrain this is not a testing ground..pls get in contact with me for futher details. Sent from my iPad



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