How the Brexit is Surprisingly Fulfilling Bible Prophecy

Britain’s exit or simply ‘Brexit’ has bitterly divided the country. This controversial political move has just concluded with Britain walking away from the powerful European Union. After 43 years, Britain has finally decided to leave and regain complete sovereignty of their native land.

With this in mind, are we moving closer to the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies? Where will this recent event lead us? Most importantly, what does this mean for us, individual Christians?

A Quick Glimpse at Britain’s History and Biblical Prophecy

The United Kingdom joined the European Union in 1973. For more than 40 years, the U.K. had a difficulty in actually integrating with the EU. They exempted themselves from using the euro currency and did not fully accept the Schengen Agreement.

Students of the Biblical prophecy would agree that the United Kingdom is a nation directly descended from Ephraim, the grandson of Jacob. God had promised through Abraham tremendous material blessings and wealth that this world has not seen before. The Bible prophesied that Ephraim will be a “multitude of nation” (Genesis 48:19).

We have seen the fulfillment of this prophecy as we study the history of Great Britain. At some point, they had control over about one-fourth of world’s landmass and some of the most strategic maritime passageways around the globe. This is a big topic that I can’t cover completely. So I would HIGHLY recommend that you request your FREE copy of The United States and Britain in the Bible Prophecy.

The primary reason that Britain wanted to leave is the immigration issue. If you are a member of the EU, people can freely pass internal borders, and this has led to the influx of many migrants to the UK. Many Britons don’t like the idea that their jobs and wealth are being stolen by migrants.

What does it mean for a Britain-less EU?

Of course, there are other valid reasons for Britain wants to leave EU. Now that they have achieved this, what will happen?

Right after Britain had joined EU, many students of the Bible had expected that Britain will eventually leave. This prediction is based on the fact that Britain is part of the ten lost tribes of Israel. Again, please request the free booklet I mentioned above to learn more.

Bible prophecy long predicted the fall of the English-speaking nations because of their decaying moral standards and rebellion against God. We had seen how Great Britain’s ability to sustain its colonies just disintegrated, which started when they had forgotten the true Source of their blessings.

Britain fell, and we will also see the inevitable decline of the United States (which is also a descendant of Manasseh, making it one of the 10 lost tribes of Israel).

According to end-time prophecy, a final revival of the Roman Empire will happen right in the heart of Europe. This is called the Beast power that will bring about false peace on the earth. Careful study of the Bible will lead us to conclude that the Beast power could be the European Union.

When Britain completes its move, the EU will be composed of 27 members. However, Biblical prophecy reveals that this will be reduced to 10 Kings or groups of nations (Revelation 17:12).

One of the greatest obstacles why EU has not attained stronger unity is because of the United Kingdom. The UK has a hard time integrating and because of this, EU could not fully achieve their goal. Now, that the UK is out of the picture, this may ACCELERATE the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, which is reducing the EU’s membership and forging a stronger tie between the remaining members.

There are more to discuss regarding this important topic. In addition to the free booklet I mentioned above, you should also request your FREE copy of The Book of Revelation Unveiled. In this booklet, you will know more about the beast power and how it will lead to the end time.

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How Christians should respond?

As Christians, we need to see the handwriting on the wall and the signs of the age. Jesus Christ said these words:

“And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near” (Luke 21:28).

Though there are pitfalls that we must avoid when studying Biblical prophecies, one of their primary roles is to help us identify the important world events that will lead to the second coming of Christ. But more than that, it must encourage and inspire us to do our best in living this life as a Christian. Yes, tougher times are ahead of us, but like a woman who suffers from birth pain, we must all endure knowing that all these will ultimately usher in the Kingdom of God.


6 thoughts on “How the Brexit is Surprisingly Fulfilling Bible Prophecy

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  2. Great post! Only a fool say’s in his heart there is no God.. The Bible is laden with prophecy for us to have full warning of the time to come.. it is much to powerful to ignore.. Thank you for sharing~
    Thanks ipbchigi for re-blogging 🙂


  3. I completely agree. I would like to know what seems to be the role of latin america in this process. I live in Colombia and there is an amazing revival. Do you think that we in some parts of latin america also come from one of the lost tribes?


    • Hi Paulovila72, thanks for your comment. One thing is sure, the majority of Latin American people are gentiles. They are not part of the lost tribes of Israel. According to Bible prophecy, there will come a time when Israel will lose its power and prestige. This is what we are currently seeing now. The US and UK, along with other English-speaking nations, will eventually go down just like what the Bible had foretold. When this happens, the gentile nations will dominate the world. Since Latin America has strong ties with Europe, where the beast power will rise, then I would say they would also have political influence during “Jacob’s trouble.” This is my personal view. I admit I need to read more about this topic. 🙂


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