Manny Pacquiao’s Anti-LGBT ‘Worse than Animals’ Comment: Where Should Christians Stand?

A recent interview of Manny Pacquiao, the boxing icon of the Philippines, started a blaze of controversy among the LGBT community. In the interview, he mentioned that we just need common sense to know that homosexuality is wrong. The animals know whom to mate. They know the natural thing to do is to mate male to female and not with the same sex. He then concluded that if we approve of the same-sex relationship, we are worse than animals. (I’m just paraphrasing his comments. You can watch the video for yourself).

His comments made him the subject of ridicule, hate, and derision. In the Philippines, we have a lot of famous TV personalities, hosts, and celebrities who support the LGBT movement. To say such comments would surely lead to outrage and mockery.

Did he mean what he said?

Personally, I think Manny could have expressed his thoughts in a different way. To give you a background, there are hundreds of dialects here in the Philippines. Manny used a different dialect when he was interviewed. He is a natural-born Bisaya. I am also a person who shares the same dialect. To tell you the truth, it is sometimes really difficult to express ourselves to Tagalog (the dialect he used during the interview).

This is just my thought but I believe Manny could have expressed himself better if he used the Bisaya dialect. This could have helped him to choose better terms and words.

Of course, I am not in a position to really determine whether he meant the words he said in the exact way he wants it to be or not. But I believe things could have been said better.

God’s view on homosexuality

There is no denying that homosexuality is considered a sin in the Bible. It is called UNRIGHTEOUS (I Corinthians 6:9-11), ABOMINATION (Leviticus 18:22), DISHONORABLE PASSION (Romans 1:26-28), and IMMORAL (I Timothy 1:10). This is why so many Christians would not argue what the Bible say about homosexuality. The people who support the LGBT community would rather dismiss the Bible as outdated and old-fashioned. Becuase they cannot accept the truth written in the Bible, they would disdain the word of God and just accept a part of it that agrees with their feelings.

Some would even use love to excuse sin.

If people would be angry with Manny’s view, I think they would be more offended with the words God used to describe homosexuality. It is not Manny who is talking here, but rather God, Himself. Manny is just saying what the Bible say.

Speaking the truth in love

In a world with a decaying standard of morality, Christians are called to be lights of the world (Matthew 5:14). Sometimes we shine so bright that our light hurts the eyes of those people who see us. It is like pointing a flashlight very close to a person’s eye.

This is where the dilemma for Christians come in. Paul recognizing this tells us to “speak the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15). If we are going to correct our sinning brother or sister, we need to know the art of diplomacy. Something that could help us not to immediately antagonize a person and cause him or her to put up defenses.

Speaking the truth in love means speaking with respect, tactfulness, sensitivity, and delicacy. While we might know the truth, that does not give us the license to go out in the world and condemn people to hell. That’s not how Christians should act. Again, our actions must be coupled and motivated with love.

How should Christians treat homosexuals?

Hate the sin but not the sinner. Homosexuals are still people who need our help and understanding. Instead of antagonizing them, we must lead them to Christ and help them change their way of life.

Like any of us, they have their weaknesses and we have ours. It just that they have chosen a different way to sin than us. We all sin but in different ways. We are all sinners and homosexuality is just among the many sins that we might commit as a human being.

It is sad how some Christians condemn people. It is as if we are God who decides who will be saved and who will not. Surely, Jesus said that “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment” (John 7:24). Through the word of God, we can judge whether a behavior is a sin or not. We can judge that killing, adultery, and stealing is a sin because the Bible tells us so. In the same manner that we can judge homosexuality as a sin.

However, we need to realize that it is not our job to CONVERT other people. That’s the job of God. It is up to God to call a person to repentance and whether that person will respond or not.

Our main job is to proclaim the truth and not condemn people. Our main job is to help people learn the truth and lead them to repentance. Whether they will believe the truth written in the Bible or not, then it is between them and God. The important thing is that we, Christians, have done our part.

We must not compromise with our beliefs just to please other people. We can certainly disagree without disrespecting other people. But to say that we agree to their lifestyle just to avoid conflict is certainly not how we must respond.

The world that hates correction

After a few hours and days, I have seen the reaction of people toward Manny’s statement. Some supported his statement but an overwhelming number of people did not like what he said. He was being bullied, maligned, and ridiculed in social media.

Again, methinks that he could have said it in a better way rather than concluding that homosexuals are worse than animals. However, people should have also seen the MAIN POINT of his statement. The point is that homosexuality is a sin and it is something that should have repented of rather than being tolerated.

I have seen how people could easily turn against a person just because of his religious views. One day, Manny Pacquiao is hailed as a national pride and hero of the Philippines and the next day, he is considered to be more hated than Mayweather! Nike has also withdrawn their contract with Manny Pacquiao and I think the statement of Pacquiao will also lead to other negative repercussions.

The LGBT community strongly demands respect but they can’t even respect a man who is just expressing his religious view. If they want respect, then they should also respect people who don’t share the same viewpoint as they have. Manny is as entitled to express his opinions as anyone else. I don’t see him forcing his belief to other people. Manny is simply stating what he believes in. The LGBT community should just see that as an expression of his sentiments rather than attacking him.

With these being said, it is really a world bent against the revealed word of God. Instead of accepting the correction conveyed in the message of Pacquiao, people would rather attack the personality of Pacquiao. Instead of repenting of the sin of homosexuality, people would rather use all the excuses they could find to justify their behavior and parade sin as an acceptable lifestyle.

As we look into our world today, not just because of homosexuality but also of other suffering and pain brought about sin, we can really see the truth behind the words of John when he said that the “WHOLE WORLD lies under the sway of the wicked one” (I John 5:19).

Final words

Like Manny Pacquiao, Christians who have the courage to call sin as a sin will surely suffer hatred. This is only natural because Jesus, Himself, said, “You will be hated by all for My NAME’S SAKE” (Matthew 10:22). We are Christians and we bear the name of Christ. We will be hated for that. No wonder that Christianity is among the most persecuted groups of people in the world.

So don’t be surprised when people will attack and wrong you because you just said what the scripture said. God condemns sinful behavior not because He hates us, but because He LOVES us. God created us and He knows the best for us. Like any other sin, homosexuality will lead to many untold suffering and pain. That’s just how it goes. When you break a spiritual law, it will break you in the process.

Manny has lost thousands of fans, twitter followers, sponsors, voters, and friends. But I admire Manny for his courage and his effort to bring out the truth that homosexuality is really a sin and should not be condoned. Though I did not agree to how he conveyed his statement, I am in agreement with him when he said that homosexuality is really a sin.

I know this blog will surely cause some to be uncomfortable and even hate me. Some might even stop following my website. But that is the least of my concern now. I rather please God rather than men. I rather write about the truth than to fool my readers. Just like what Peter and the Apostles said, “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).

10 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao’s Anti-LGBT ‘Worse than Animals’ Comment: Where Should Christians Stand?

  1. He was spot on you can’t sugar coat sin .if that gets someone upset maybe they need to think about what there supporting. Same sex marriage or relasindhip even the animals no better are we not better than the animals


    • Hi Ron! Thanks for your comment. I don’t support same-sex relationship and sometimes, the truth really hurts. That’s the reason many people get angry with the statement of Manny. Yes, you can’t sugar coat sin but we have to remember to speak the truth in love.


  2. I agree with Manny in the fact that homosexuality is a sin…just as there are other sins that could be listed as well. As we all know that there is no sin greater than the other, and we are all sinners…Saints sin too, it’s human. So when I speak of the sin in homosexuality to anyone, I make sure to list other sins as well so they don’t feel that it is being singled out. Right now, homosexuality is a very hot topic and a very touchy one at that. Manny just stated what the bible states…don’t kill the messenger, take heed of the message. Although, yes, I agree that he could have worded it differently. Its all in how you speak to people, which is why I love that when Jesus spoke, he spoke in parables when he was making a point…while not condemning, antagonizing or singling out the person, he explained in love. We should be more mindful as Christians how we approach topics because how you approach is how Christians are perceived and the wrong perception could just turn a person off from picking up and following Christ…defeating the total purpose.


    • Great points, Shawna! I haven’t thought of that. Jesus used parables to speak the truth in love. Of course, there are also some instances when He actually used tough love to rebuke and correct people. I believe it takes a lot of godly wisdom when it comes to approaching people.


  3. I dont know where Christians say that all sin is the same.That is not true, Jesus said that all sin is forgiveable that’s what makes sin the same is that they”sin”no matter what sin is forgivable ,except that when one sins against or curses the holy spirit(paraphrasing) it is the only sin that can not be forgiven by the father. That lets you know in a nutshell that not all sin is the same.God singled out homosexuality as an abomination, not lying or stealing as most of us have done within our lifetime.Lets stop sugarcoating this topic , lets be more like John the Baptist, he unintentionally but certainly offended many, because he knew eternal lives were at stake , he got his head chopped off for it, but during the process he saved many souls from hell. May God continue to bless Manny and his family.


    • Hi Chuck! Thanks for your comment. First of all, sin should not be sugar-coated. Sin is a sin, no matter what. The point is that when correcting a sinning brother, we need to do it with love. Manny is right when he called homosexuality as a sin. This world is morally decaying and this is what happens when someone just tells the truth. Manny, in this case, is a defender of the truth.


  4. Is just like when people say Jesus is not the son of God that God does not have a wife. The question is does that stop Jesus the Christ from being the son of God? No, the most important thing has been said. I conclude by saying that the Bible cannot deceive you with a lie. Manny is my hero. Nike can go to anywhere they want with their sponsor, God will open better doors for him


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