The Best of 2013: Top 10 Most Popular Posts that You Should READ Again

2013 is truly a remarkable and memorable year for all of us. As for me, 2013 is the year when I started blogging in my site, Throughout the year, I have posted close to a hundred content. Some of them are controversial and raised some eyebrows while others inspire and make people reflect in their lives. As I always emphasize, the purpose of my site is to share the TRUTH to other people and to show from biblical standpoint how to really be a Christian.

In this post, let us go through the top 10 posts that have garnered the highest traffic in 2013. Reviewing these posts can really be helpful as we embark on a new year. Check out our top 10 posts and be reminded of the lessons that we should carry not only for the year 2014, but for the rest of our lives.

Top 10 Post: 12 Scriptures from the Book of Proverbs about How to Choose Your Friends

Choosing your friends can be tough without wisdom. When you thought that you finally made the right friends, you eventually realized that you made the wrong choice. Thankfully, you can turn to the Bible to find wisdom on how to choose the right friends.

Top 9 Post: Let’s Talk About Sex: Is VIRGINITY Still Important?

Alright, let us talk about what most people like to talk about: SEX. The word itself may elicit different reactions – ranging from ignorance to excitement. In this world where sex is unrestrained, where everybody does what feels good, we ask the question, is saving your virginity for marriage still relevant? What is God’s view to this vital subject?

Top 8 Post: Shocking Differences Between the Ten Commandments of God and the Traditional Ten Commandments

It might surprise you, but the Ten Commandments that we traditional know is really NOT the same with the Ten Commandments written in the Bible. When I first discovered this, I was stupefied how Satan was very successful in deceiving many people to accept a counterfeit Ten Commandments.

Top 7 Post: Shocking Truths from the Bible: Seven Proofs of God’s Existence

Recently, I met a die-hard atheist, not in person but in a social networking site. We had a couple of argument but he is too close-minded. Even other people commenting on our posts can clearly see that my argument is strong. But I dropped the conversation because his attitude is not humility but of pride and vanity.

Top 6 Post: The Halloween Tragedy: Its History and How It Melds with Christianity

Every year, some of this world’s major religion is going to celebrate Halloween as part of their customs and beliefs. Isn’t it odd for religions, especially Christianity, to set aside their values, teachings, and doctrines about avoiding anything evil and to celebrate a pagan holiday closely related to demonism? Learn the truth the truth behind the great Halloween hoax and whether, you, as a Christian should celebrate it in any form.

Top 5 Post: 3 Scriptures from the Book of Revelation Telling Us Commandment-Keeping is Needed

Most “professing” Christians will easily dismiss the idea that Christians today need to keep the commandments of God. The primary reason they will tell you is“Law-keeping will not earn your Salvation”.

While this statement is true and I absolutely agree with it, does this free us from keeping the commandments of God?

Top 4 Post: Top Five Reasons You Should not Play Defense Of the Ancients (DOTA)

There are hundreds of reasons that I can think not to play Defense of the Ancient but for this purpose I will just list top five reasons which I believe you should know. If you do not play DOTA yet, then you should think twice before you face that computer monitor. Likewise, if you are already playing DOTA, then it is time to make a stand and stop the game from controlling you.

Top 3 Post: 5 Things I learned from Volunteering for the Haiyan Victims

Typhoon Haiyan is dubbed as the strongest typhoon that ever made land fall in all human history. For those who have not experienced it themselves, it may sound exaggerated, but for those who felt and have witnessed the destructive power of typhoon Haiyan, words can never express what happened on the 8th of November 2013.

Top 2 post: 7 Things We Should Pray for According to the Bible

Prayer is one of the highest privilege man is given with. It is through prayer that we are able to talk to our Father, the Almighty God, Supreme Ruler of the vast universe. Imagine what tremendous and exponentially wonderful privilege it is to communicate with God anytime we want. We do not have to arrange or request an appointment to get in touch with God.

Top 1 post: Warning: 10 POPULAR “Christian” Practices/Beliefs that are not Rooted in the Bible!

Do you know that most of the practices, traditions, and beliefs that Christians practice today are not found in the Bible? You might be shocked but this is true and the saddest part is that professing Christians continue to practice them without questioning the authority of their church.

Final Words

Revisiting the blog posts will allow you to review and to recapture the lessons spoken in it. Looking at the past, we can learn vital lessons and we can use these lessons to better live the present and future.

In this year, with God’s help, I am hoping to still continue writing helpful and relevant content. So stick around and come back every once in a while to check new posts in my site. You can also like us on Facebook or subscribe to our email list to be always updated and never miss a single post. If you have comments, suggestions, and questions, feel free to contact me as well.

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