Will You Go To Heaven

Will You Go To Heaven

Mainstream Christianity thought that Heaven is the reward for the righteous; however, this belief is not supported by the Bible. John 3:13 was written after Christ’s death. This means that from the days of the patriarchs up until Christ’s resurrection and ascension, it is only Jesus who was able to go to heaven.
There is no one who is credible enough to testify who was able to go to heaven than JESUS Himself who came from heaven and is now in the right hand of the Father.
If you are taught that you will go to heaven after you die, are you greater than David, Moses, Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, and all other righteous people mentioned in the Old Testament? Surely, there is something wrong with this belief.
Study your Bible. If someone teaches you something, verify that information if it squares with the Biblical teaching. Learn the truth, because the TRUTH will set you free!

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