Life Lessons: 10 Important Things I Learned from the 25 Years of My Life

Celebrating life at its best.:)

Celebrating life at its best.:)

I’ll be turning 25 tomorrow (December 3) and it never stops to amuse me how time flies so fast. It was like yesterday when I first went to school and now, I am a young adult with so many dreams and ambitions. Looking back, there are many lessons I learned from the 25 years of my existence. I believe, these lessons are really valuable and it should also be learned by other people as well, both young and old.

For this reason, let me share with you the 10 lessons I learned from the past 25 years of my life.

Life lesson number 1: You should be ready for anything this life can bring

I learned that life is never predictable. While we are endowed with the power to foresee the future through studying the past and present tendencies of life, there are still factors that are beyond our control. In my life, being a freelance online writer never ever crossed my mind when I was younger. However, daily circumstances led me to this job. I planned to take education when I was about to go to college, but later decided to become a nurse. After I passed the board exam, I became a real estate agent, a swimming instructor, and finally a writer. All these I never planned, but here I am today writing.

Life is unpredictable as well when it comes to death. It never occurred to me to sit in a room and look at my seatmate and say, you will die next year. All of us live this life as if we will live forever; only to find out later that our life will be cut short by an accident or illness.

Life is unpredictable and I learned that we should always be ready of what life brings us.

Life can change in an instant.

Life can change in just a blink of an eye.

When that happens, you must be able to adapt to life’s changes.

Life lesson number 2: Time is precious

Time is the most extravagant commodity in this world. All of us are given with the same 24 hours in a day and it is up to us how to spend that time. Today, there are times that I can say that my time is well-spent, but there are times when I regret wasting my time on vain things.

When I was in high school and college, I spent considerable amount of time playing video and computer games. When I think of those wasted time, all I can wish is to bring back time and I would like to spend those times in a more productive ways.

Once time is spent, it will be gone forever. We cannot bring back the hands of time. Thus, we need to be careful on how we spend our life. Now I am 25, I am aiming to spend the rest of my life on things that will bring value in my life; on things that will build my character as a better person to God and to others.

Life lesson number 3: Money is not everything

Most people know this fact, but a majority of people just learn this lesson in the hard way. Yes, it is true that I never became a rich person, but I can prove this fact when I look at people who had it all. They seem to have what they call the “American Dream”. However, money cannot buy everything. If only all people in this world become rich, they will come to the same conclusion: Money is not everything.

Look at the richest people in this world. At the surface, they look happy, but inside, they are longing for things that will genuinely make them happy. The most important things in this life are not “things”, but they are the people who will make this life worth living for.

Life lesson number 4: If you want to be happy, help other people

While it goes against human nature and reasoning, helping other people really brings happiness. When you really want to be happy in this life, you need to make other people happy first. Happiness has a unique way to find its way back to you when you give it others.

Happiness should not be based on things you have, nor on the things you don’t  have. Happiness comes from the realization that people are happy because of you. Aim to be a blessing to others and this will bring lasting happiness in your life.

Life lesson number 5: The earlier you follow God, the earlier you will be satisfied

One of the greatest mistakes any young person commit is delaying their life calling. I have seen people who procrastinated and thought that the world’s way is better than following the way of God. I have seen them commit life-long mistakes that will never be erased until their last breath.

While choosing to be a friend of the world is very alluring and even attractive, it will just bring short-lived pleasures. After enjoying that fleeing pleasure, you will afterwards suffer from the consequences of your action.

Believe me, IT’S NOT WORTH IT. The pain you suffer from your sins is nothing compared from the pleasures you acquire from it.

Following God will help you avoid unnecessary sufferings and pain in this world. Following God may need you to delay gratification, but afterwards, you will surely reap the sweetest fruits of your action.

Life lesson number 6: You’ll never go wrong when you choose to obey God

I have learned this lesson over and over again. When I decide to follow God, no matter what the consequences are, I still managed to smile. Though I may suffer persecution, I know God is happy with my decision and that is the most important thing.

When you put God first in your life, you will never go wrong. God is faithful to keep His people from unbearable temptation. If He lets you suffer, it is only because He believes in you that you can emerge victorious with every challenge you face. After that, you will be able to develop a stronger and better character, which is commendable to God.

Life Lesson number 7: Always be thankful

“Thank You!” is the most powerful words that you can utter. There are many things that you should be thankful in your life. All you need is to appreciate them. While it is true that we cannot have everything, at least we never end up with nothing. Every second of our life is a miracle and a blessing. Take time to be thankful of what you have, rather than consuming your time complaining of what you don’t have. Be thankful is the antidote of greediness. When we are more thankful, we can be more contended and happier.

Life Lesson number 8: Invest in building relationship

Only building a lasting relationship with God and your fellow man can bring you a more fulfilled and satisfied life. At the end of your life, all the physical things that you earned will come to nothing. We brought NOTHING in this world and it is sure that we will never bring anything in the grave. When you are finally in your death bed, it is certain that you will never ask for your money, car, house, gadgets, and all your possessions to gather around. But instead, you will ask for your love ones to visit you and spend more time with you. Your money will never hug you back, but only a genuine and warm person can.

Life Lesson number 9: Always keep your word

There many instances that I made a promise and broke it. There are many times as well that I made a statement and only to eat those words later. Going back to your own words is like a dog eating his vomit. If you really value your self-worth, keeping your word should be foremost in your mind. It is really difficult to believe an indecisive and inconsistent person. Sadly, I am that person. I have hurt many people in my life because of not keeping the promises I make.

First rule, never make a promise that you cannot keep.

Second rule, if you are going to make a promise, make sure you will keep it, even if it will hurt you.

Third rule, think twice before making a promise. It is better to promise less and deliver more.

Life Lesson number 10: Know your Passion and Pursue it!

As long as your passion is in line with God’s will, then you should never hold back. Do an in-depth self-awareness and identify your life calling. Do what you love to do because life is too short to live a life defined by others. It is great and highly recommended to seek sound advice from wise people, but remember that the decision is ultimately yours to make. Do not let other people make the decision for you. Once you make the decision, own it; live it; and be responsible enough to stand your ground.

Final words

So far, these are the life lessons I learned from the adventure we call life. I know there are more lessons that I will learn in the future and these lessons will not just guide me, but also the people around me. Undoubtedly, we can only know how many years we have spent in this life, but never how many years left. Now that I am 25 years old, I leave my life in the hands of our Loving Creator. No matter what happens, I am sure God has something far greater than what I have planned and lessons that I will forever treasure until my second life.

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7 thoughts on “Life Lessons: 10 Important Things I Learned from the 25 Years of My Life

  1. I loved reading your words of wisdom that you have learned over the past 25 years of your life. Happy Birthday to you and I look forward to reading more from you now that your in my reader! #soinspired


  2. First of all, happy 25th birth anniversary! By the way, this is your ma’am Lorna commenting…happen to see and read your post here in Mr. Macaraeg’s laptop…just want to congratulate you for this inspiring and ,motivating article you posted…may you continue to focus your life serving and thanking God Almighty for all your endeavors.!…May you have a meaningful and uplifting day…


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