Scripture for the Day: God will Provide All our Needs

Put your hands together and present your petition to God.

Put your hands together and present your petition to God.

“I once was young and now I am old, but I have not seen a righteous person forsaken or his descendants begging for bread” (Psalms 37:25).

This is one of the most COMFORTING passages found in the Bible. How reassuring, kindly, and sweet to the ear that we have the promise of God that He will never forsake us and even our children as long as we walk in the right path.

King David, the writer of this psalm, have lived a ripe age. He has gone through it all. He has every opportunity to observe the lives of many people from all walks of life. Finally, when King David’s life is about to end, he came to the conclusion that the righteous will never be forsaken by our Father and Creator.

This is the advantage and benefit of following God’s Commandments. God will protect His people and not only that, God makes sure that His people are always taken good cared of. God is the GREAT God who will provide the needs of His people to the point that we will never have to beg for bread. Though Christians may lose something, they are assured that they will never lose everything.

That is the promise of God. Do you believe His promises? We can always go to our loving Father and claim this promise as long as you are right with God. God will definitely hear our prayers!

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