Why do we suffer? (A Message of Comfort)

One of the biggest issues in Christianity is pain and suffering. A lot of Christians don’t understand why a loving God would allow His children to suffer. Because of our inability to understand pain, a lot of people have also lost their faith in God, dismissing Him to be incompetent, indifferent, and apathetic.

The Comforting Purpose of Pain

Now, as we go through life’s difficulties, there’s a burning question each of us have asked, “Why do I suffer?” Today, I want to invite you to read my latest blog, “The Comforting Purpose of Pain.”

In this post, let me share with you an encouraging message from Kimberly Henderson, which I stumbled upon this week. It’s a message of hope, which insightfully explains why we suffer. Along with it, I share my deep reflection and will further explain to you the true meaning of pain and its purpose that most people don’t know!

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