Can your prayer influence God’s mind?

The Bible tells us that God is immutable — meaning, He is unchanging. However, it is undeniable that our prayers include petition that seek God’s help and sometimes, it means God changing His mind.

Does Prayer Change God’s Mind blog image

So, how can we reconcile the fact that God doesn’t change with our prayers that seek to change His mind? If we can’t change God’s mind through our prayers, then what’s the use of praying?

Those are the mind-boggling questions we are going to address in my latest blog, “Does Prayer Change God’s Mind?” In this blog, we will explore:

  • What it means for God not to change
  • How God interacts with us
  • How prayer works in terms of God’s unchanging plans

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to read our eye-opening blog. Discover what it truly means to pray to God!


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