Should You Read The Bible in 52 Weeks? (Book Summary)

If you are looking for a structured and easy-to-follow devotional and read the whole Bible at the same time, then The Bible in 52 Weeks should be a good choice for you.

Receiving thousands of positive reviews, The Bible in 52 Weeks is among the most-read devotionals today. However, you might be thinking, is this book a good choice for me?

Thankfully, I have you covered. In my latest blog, “The Bible in 52 Weeks: Book Summary and Reviews,” let me help you make the right decision. I have included my honest review as well as the chapter-by-chapter summary of the book so you have a better idea of whether it’s a book for you or not.

Not only that, but I also share some of the best lessons from the book. So, give it a try and see what this book can offer you!


P.S. While the book is a good choice, I have a much better recommendation for you. I want to invite you to join our course, “Read the Bible in 365 Days.” In this course, I’ll help you go through the Bible from cover to cover while I share with you daily reflections on what you read. Sounds great, right? So, check it out today and discover little-known but powerful lessons from the pages of the Bible! (Click HERE to learn more.)

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