How to make tithing easier and more enjoyable? [1-minute video]


A lot of people find it difficult to tithe. After all, we have worked so hard to earn money just to give it away to the Church, right? Not only that, we believe that there are more important things to spend our money on, and giving back ten percent of our income to God is too hard to do.

One important fact we need to realize is that we don’t actually own anything. Our wealth and possessions all belonged to God. Even our life is from God. So, we are actually just giving back what God owns and He is generous enough for us to keep more than we deserve.

We need to give our tithes with the joy of knowing that they will be used for the work of God and they can change people’s lives. We need to remember how tithing is a form of worship and how it can improve our relationship with God. We need to give in faith and let God take care of us.

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