Product and Book Reviews

I’m an avid book reader.

I love books. They are the shortcut to learning new things and the best way to read the minds of the great men and women throughout our history. With books, you gain new insight into life without experimenting your way to success.

Of course, the Bible is the ultimate book that we all should read from cover to cover. If there’s only one book that you should read, it should be the Bible. As this might be the case, reading other books can enhance our knowledge. As long as these books don’t go against the fundamental teachings of the Bible, they can add to our understanding to how to live this life to the fullest and to ultimately be more successful in attaining our spiritual goals.

on this page, I want to share the things I learned through books. I mostly read Christian and self-help books. So expect that I will share lessons here from those genres.

Just to add, I recently would like to add product reviews here. Most products would be Christian gifts and items. 🙂

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