Why You Should Stop Fearing Failure

When God tells you to do something, do you fear of failing? If yes, then here’s a short, but insightful blog about why you should not fear failure and how to overcome it!

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I can put more names on this list, but I will just stop there.

When looking at these names, what do you think is one thing in common among these people?

Let me tell you.

All these people failed a lot of times in their lives.

Yet, they are some of the most successful people in their field.

The point I’m getting at is that you won’t succeed in this life if you let the fear of failure dominate your thinking.

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This reminds of the time when Yahweh spoke to Moses in the burning bush.

The Almighty would like Moses to go to Egypt to help free the Hebrews.

What was Moses’ response?

He made all kinds of excuses.

He argued that the people will not believe him.

He can’t speak eloquently.

People will question his authority.

Basically, he is afraid of failing.

He is afraid that he would fail God and the Israelites.

He is afraid of what people would think of him.

He is focusing more on what could go wrong instead of what could go right!

Though God told Moses that He will be with him, Moses was still reluctant.

I wonder:

How many times have we stopped on our track because of fear of failure?

In reality, when we don’t move forward and do what the Almighty asks us to do, by default, we have also failed.

Whether you take action or not, there’s still the chance of failing.

So, why not take the necessary steps?

If you fail, then at least you have tried.

If you succeed, then you have proven to yourself that you can be successful!

Please don’t forget these encouraging word from the Most High recorded for us to read in Isaiah 41:10:

Fear not, for I am with you;

Be not dismayed, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you,

Yes, I will help you,

I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

When God tells us to do something, then we must not fear to do it.

When God has put something in our hearts to accomplish, then we must not hesitate.


Because the Almighty promised that He will be with you.

Not only that, but He will strengthen you.

He will help you.

Most importantly, He will uphold you with His righteous hand.

Those are reasons more than enough for us to stop fearing and start doing God’s will in our lives.

Friends, this is just an introduction to an important topic that could potentially help you succeed in this life.

I have written an inspiring and insightful article that I highly recommend you read.

The title is, “How to Overcome the Fear of Failure.”

So, click that link and discover why you should overcome the fear of failure.

Most importantly, how to overcome it.

Fearless by max lucado footnote

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