An Inspiring Story of a Boy Who Teaches Us About Trusting God

An airplane on its return flight suddenly encountered turbulence.

Oxygen bags started to be dispensed.

So all the passengers began to panic, except for a boy who was playing with his toys.

when the trouble had gone, they asked the boy:

“Why did you remain calm and you seem unafraid?”

The boy answered with a smile:

“My dad is the pilot.”


That’s trust!

That’s faith.

If God is the pilot of your life, there’s no need to worry even if everything goes wrong.

YAHWEH is always in complete control.

He is the Almighty, sovereign Ruler of the entire universe.

Nothing is too hard for Him.

Now, here’s the good news:

He loves you and He takes care of you.

Though He is the majestic and supreme, He is our Father at the same time.

So, be at rest.

Trust in God – no matter what!

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