5 Compelling Reasons I Observe God’s Food Law

porkMany people today dismiss God’s food law (Leviticus 11). Be it a Christian or not, it seems that people ignore this vital law that has something to do with our health and well-being. Is it really true that we, as Christians, are free to eat whatever it is we want to eat? Or does God care about our diet so much that He made sure that a list of clean meat is available to us?

In this post, let me give you 5 important reasons why I observe God’s food law and I’m sure these reasons should be your reasons as well to stop eating unclean meat such as pork, shrimp, oyster, crab, and others.

Reason #1: Because God commanded it

It might be a surprised to you, but the truth is that from Genesis to Revelation, YOU WILL NEVER FIND A SINGLE SCRIPTURE FREEING US FROM THE FOOD LAW OF GOD. In fact, most scriptures that are used to support the claim that the food law of God is already done away are actually misinterpreted and taken out of context. While it is good for me to discuss this topic, it would be better to do it for another blog post. The Bible is very clear that the food law is not only applicable to the Israelites, but also to God’s people today.

Reason #2: Because the food law is for our benefit

The food law is not there to prevent us from enjoying what we eat, but it is for our own good. Time and again, modern medical science discovers that all of the “unclean” meat listed in Leviticus 11 is not good for our body. It can cause diseases and parasitism within the body. When the food law was given to the ancient people of God, they don’t have the same knowledge as we have now. There is no way that they will know that pork or camel or horse meat is bad to their health. But God knows. Thus He forbade His people from eating this abominable meat.

Reason #3: Because the food law was still in effect even after Christ’s death

Many people say that the food law was already done away with and was nailed to the cross. Of course, this is never the case. After more than 30 years of Christ’s death, Peter was told in a vision that he should “Rise… kill and eat” (Acts 10:13) animals including those listed as unclean in Leviticus 11. But what was Peter’s response? He said, “Not so, Lord! For I have NEVER eaten anything common or unclean” (Acts 10:14). We find later that God is telling Peter that He made the Gentiles clean already and salvation is available to them (Acts 10:28). In addition to this, Revelation 18:2 mentioned unclean birds which tells us that the distinction between clean and unclean meat is still in effect even during Christ’s second coming!

Reason #4: Because the food law is an act of faith and obedience to God

When God says that you don’t do or do something, we need to be alert and be on our feet. God is serious when He commanded us that we must not eat unclean meat. He is concern with our health and He wants us to be in good shape. We must have faith in God that what He says is for our own good. That faith should be coupled with obedience as well.

Reason #5: Because I would rather please God rather than my stomach

Philippians 3:19 says, “Their end is destruction, THEIR GOD IS THEIR BELLY, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things.”

Is your belly your own god?

Yes, unclean food may be delicious. However, when we eat unclean meat, we are only pleasing our taste buds, but we don’t please God. Our Creator wants us to be healthy and when we are not, God is sad. WE NEED TO GLORIFY GOD IN EVERYTHING THAT WE DO.

Are the foods we eat glorifies God?

Can we glorify and serve God while we put disgusting foods in our mouth, foods that God considered as abominable (Leviticus 11:10)? We need to please God with the food we eat.

Final words

The Apostle Paul tells us, Romans 12:1-2:

“I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to PRESENT YOUR BODIES AS A LIVING SACRIFICE, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.”

DO NOT BE CONFORMED TO THIS WORLD, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

It is clear that God wants us to be holy. We cannot be holy if what we eat is unclean and unholy.

God wants us to be separate, distinct, and sanctified from the World. This world has made their belly their own god and ignored the food laws of God. However, we, the true and genuine Christians, have different calling and we are held in a HIGHER STANDARD. Therefore, follow God and His food law and you will surely reap many benefits and blessing from God.

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