10 thoughts on “Evolution’s Leap of Faith

  1. Well, at least he’s honest that if you want to believe Genesis you have to ditch scientific knowledge – not just biology, but physics, geology and chemistry. It’s clear he’s ditched science… he doesn’t really know very much about the science he’s trying to tear down.


    • Sorry Chloe, I did not hear that statement being made by Mr. Meyers. What I understand is that Bible and Science complement each other and it never contradicts. I hope you watch and really understand the program before you make such statement. It only tells something negative about you. No offense.:)


  2. I watched it from beginning to end. He seems a nice fellow, but he has deliberately misrepresented the science. The quote from Stephen Jay Gould, for example, is taken out of context (plus he couldn’t even get the man’s name right…). Gould was launching a hypothesis called punctuated equilibrium, that suggested that the idea that evolution moved slowly was incorrect, and in actual fact change could happen extremely rapidly in the face of environmental pressure. This was one of many distortions in this nicely produced film.

    He also made the argument a number of times that evolutionary theory was wrong because it would “break your relationship with God”. In other words, you better not give it credibility because there will be religious consequences versus its credibility depends on whether it’s true or not.


    • Hmmm… I am not in the position to comment about the Gould issue since I never read it myself… But you need to realize that there are many points that was made clear here in the program. First is how impossible MACROevolution is. I believe Microevolution is true but you never see any complex organism turning into something entirely different from its kind. If this is so, then there should be countless fossils to support this claim. The sad fact most evolutionists refuse to face is the lack of archeological evidence.

      I believe that you cannot believe evolution and at the same time believe the Bible. Evolution is a way to discredit God.


      • This is not borne out by science, though. Complex organisms can certainly turn into “something else” given the right evolutionary pressures and time. There are countless “transitional fossils” – even a quick look at wikipedia can tell you that. The process of speciation continues today. Take the London Underground mosquito, which didn’t exist 150 years ago. It’s descended from some ordinary mosquitos that got trapped underground. Now it can’t reproduce with outside mosquitos – it’s a true new species. That’s in less than two centuries. Under the right evolutionary pressures it could go on to lose its wings, or its eyes or various organs, which would then be vestigial. Given enough time, that original mosquito would be nothing like its descendants.

        Just to reiterate – a whole new species, in less than 200 years. Now give it two millions years and see what happens. And two million years isn’t that long in geological terms.

        No offence, but the fact that you don’t know who Stephen Jay Gould is, or that the correct term for people who look for fossils is paeleontologists, not archaeologists, tells me that maybe there are better sources to turn to on whether evolution is based in fact or not.


      • My bad.:D ahaha., I should have said paleontologist.:)

        Anyway, you talked about the mosquito in London. Let’s make the record straight. The mosquito did not turn into rights. The mosquito did not turn into anything but a mosquito. Even if you give it billions of years, do you really think that a mosquito will have eyes as complex as the human eyes? honestly? isn’t that a big leap of faith? That is the main point of the program.


      • It all depends on the evolutionary pressures the mosquito is subject to. If the London Underground gets totally flooded in the next million years, the ones that survive will be the ones that can adapt to water. IAs the mosquitoes lose the necessity for their wings, these would become vestigial organs. Or maybe those mosquitoes who found they could propel themselves through the water by improvising with their wings would find these wings turning into flippers over time. Maybe it’s incredibly dark down there, so the mosquito loses its eyes. But perhaps those mosquitoes who have stronger auditory cells than others have a survival advantage.

        So, given enough time, you would have a semi-aquatic animal with flippers, no eyes and acute hearing – they may, by this time, have incredibly complex ears that can capture a wider range of sounds. Incremental changes can do this. One auditory cell is useful. Two is better. Two cells in a slightly more sheltered part of the body is brilliant. And so on. Eventually, this creature would be utterly different from its ancestors.

        The process of adaptation has already begun, shown by the fact that the new mosquito is a different species to its ancestor. It has already lost the ability to interbreed.

        All life on earth is a product of these processes. That’s how come you get redundant organs and vestigial limbs – they’re leftovers. Or is God a messy craftsman?


  3. ahaha., I can’t stop myself from laughing while reading how mosquitos will eventually become fishes.:)) Imagine a mosquito having flippers?? what a wild imagination you got there.

    If evolution operates within the premise of “survival of the fittest” then the mosquitos will die as soon they get wet and drown! Think about it, they will never be given the chance to develop gills since they will die already.

    Hey, believe all you want but you need to face that fact that you are just “ASSUMING”. True science is done through experimentation and observation. That is the main reason that evolution is nothing but a fable. Since you cannot prove evolution through true science, then it remained to be a THEORY. Thus, you need to base your faith on intangible evidence. Thus, evolution is a religion. You need more faith to believe in evolution than creation.


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